Sunday, August 18, 2013

Whose in the mood for a Fling this Spring...

Well you all know how much I love showcases.  So I though it was about time I hosted my own and what better excuse then the end of winter.

I'm a bit excited by how pretty the ALBUM OF SPRING GOODIES is looking although as always I am leaving things to the last minute with my own submissions, one of which is this dress

which I might be a little bit in love with as its a pattern of my own devising (is that even a word??)  This one is a size 3 so a little bit big for miss E - my first attempt was a better fit for her (and sleeveless)

(excuse the crappy phone photo and dummy in her mouth, although her hair is sitting better in this photo)

Something else I'll have on offer are some custom spots for what I am hoping will be my best seller this spring / summer - these cute little short / shirt sets

I'm especially in love with these shorts and think I *need* to add a red stripe pair and a spotty to pair to Miss E's wardrobe. 

Anyhow stick around because for the next two weeks there will be a different Spring Flinger been interviewed.  I threw some curly questions at them and am loving the responses and getting to know my fellow handmaidens better.  Also there *may* be a Showcase prize or two up for grabs!


  1. Love the posing in the gorgeous shorts outfit. Miss E looks adorable

  2. Pretty sure Indi will 'need' a set this summer too