Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Spring Fling with Syd and Me

What is your business?
Syd and Me

How did you come to name it that?
I have always had a love of creating. My sister, who runs her own successful business, encouraged me to start selling my designs.  “Syd” is my sister’s family nickname (which is whole other story!) and when I had to think of a name for my business, I thought of Syd and Me. My sister doesn’t actually have any day to day involvement in my business, but she gives me lots of support, advice and encouragement and I just wanted to acknowledge the fact in some way that she is a wonderful sister.

What do you make? 
I make children’s clothing & accessories from bright and colourful fabrics, often incorporating embroidery & applique. I do tend to wander off track a little though and every now and something a little different pops up.

What are your two favourite things that you make? Why?   

1 Sophie Contrast Skirts with embroidery – I really enjoy the process of making something that includes both sewing and hand embroidery. I also like that I usually only make one of each design, it is like creating a little piece of art each time.

2 РWildflower Pinny Dresses РThe dress itself is a simple timeless pattern, but the choice of fabrics for the flowers and the combination of hand & machine appliqu̩, makes each dress have its own individuality.

What is your favourite season?  Why?
Spring – I never get sick of seeing trees in blossom and spring flowering bulbs

What’s something you’ve learnt that you wish you could go back and tell your 18 year old self?
Some of the decisions you make now, will affect the rest of your life, so think long term and make wise choices!!

Your 5 dream dinner guests (can be dead or alive, real people or fictional characters) and what would you serve for dessert?
- Billy Connolly, Hugh Jackman & Deborah Lee-Furness, Donkey from Shrek (my son’s request) and of course my Sister.
For dessert we would have a big cheese plater with dark chocolate truffles on the side

Quick 5:
What are you wearing right now?
A dress, jacket, stockings & heels (wish I was wearing track pants and a woolly jumper)
What can you hear?
The sound of rain on the roof.
What can you smell?
The bread rolls heating in the oven ....yum!!
Last thing you ate?
Castello cheese
Last person you spoke to?
The dog, though technically I am not sure if that counts as a person.

Where can we find you? 

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