Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Spring Fling with Studio Busso!

What is your business?
Studio Busso

How did you come to name it that?
‘Busso’ is colloquial short for ‘BUSSELTON’ the seaside town where I live in the South West of Western Australia .  Studio Busso as a business began life as an architectural practice.  Yes I was an architect before I had a complete SEA CHANGE ( for the better ) .

What do you make? 
I try to make kids clothes are a little bit left of centre................   I’m always searching for new patterns and am drawn to bright mod style fabrics. 

What are your two favourite things that you make? Why? 
Oh where do I start?   I guess the main thing is I only do a style for a season and then never visit it again.   I love to keep evolving, changing and am always searching for new ideas.   So I guess to be current these images of my latest works for winter.  Oh and I love velvet so I’ll add that pic too x

What is your favourite season?  Why?

I seriously love ALL seasons. ..........then towards the end I’m usually frothing at the bit to start my next collection.  For instance I’m so ready to start thinking about SPRING. 
What’s something you’ve learnt that you wish you could go back and tell your 18 year old self?
Boys aren’t worth it!

You 5 dream dinner guests (can be dead or alive, real people or fictional characters) and what would you serve for dessert?

ooh ............. hard one 
You know, i’d have to say my friends.  I really haven’t had much time lately to socialise or hang out with them. I’d love nothing better than to sit around with my girlfriends and talk about nothing/everything.   We would probably have some really nice blue cheese to go with the copious amount of wine we would drink.  We would feel the warmth of the open fire  (we are now transported into a cosy forest chalet  and our childrens and husbands have disappeared temporarily)  
Nick Cave before he was bald, but we would be alone.   Desert would be a delicious citrus tart of some kind.  Mmmmmmmmmmm    i’m hungry.
Quick 5:
What are you wearing right now?
Pink fluffy dressing gown, uggboots, tracky daks and T-shirt ( pj’s are wet on the line)

What can you hear?
TV I’ve left on in the lounge, hum of computer

What can you smell?

Last thing you ate?
Jam on Toast

Last person you spoke to?
My Husband

Where can we find you?

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