Friday, August 30, 2013

A Spring Fling with Little Sew & Sews and Hero Nation (thats right folks, its a 2-for-1 Friday night special)

What is your business?
Little Sew & Sews and also Hero Nation

How did you come to name it that?
Little Sew & Sews came about as a play on words (little so and so's) as my friend and I quite often referred to our own munchkins as just that!

What do you make?
Little Sew & Sews is now primarily my outlet for designing my own softies & dolls and making them available as PDF Sewing Patterns. My signature design is the three piece softie tool set - which is now available in PDF and paper format, as well as pattern/fabric kits! For showcases I like to dabble outside my comfort zone and try new things that will only be one of a kinds.

What are your two favourite things that you make? Why?
I find making the softie tool sets incredibly relaxing, they are great to have on hand to stuff while catching up on shows in the evenings :) My other love is designing for Hero Nation, at the moment I am eagerly awaiting two new t-shirt designs, one for Christmas and another for all the 'quirky princesses' :)

What is your favourite season? Why?
I love spring, when it isn't raining, and the temperature is warm enough to have the windows open. (I don't love the hayfever I get with it though!)

What’s something you’ve learnt that you wish you could go back and tell your 18 year old self?
Don't put up with people that make you think less of yourself.

Your 5 dream dinner guests (can be dead or alive, real people or fictional characters) and what would you serve for dessert?

Real: Robin Williams (for a laugh), David Bowie (for the music and stories he would have!), George R.R. Martin (I'd be totally getting him tanked and finding out more about Jon Snow's parentage!) and my husband (to share it all with) 
Fictional: Aragorn (for 'personal' reasons later when hubby is too busy listening to David Bowie's stories)
Dessert - got to be warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream :)

Quick 5:
What are you wearing right now?
Gym gear (boring!)
What can you hear?
Wind, rain and my cat snoring
What can you smell?
nothing 'stinky' for a change! (Boys are still in school)
Last thing you ate?
Home made Katsu chicken with home made tonkatsu sauce :)
Last person you spoke to?
My sons kindy teacher

Where can we find you?
Little Sew & Sews
Sewing Patterns: 

Hero Nation Facebook: 

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