Thursday, September 13, 2012

Home is where my heart is!

So I'm making a conscious choice to not even look at how long its been since I last blogged.  I know its been too long...

But in other breaking news we have returned to my heart's home.  Back to to the tropical north where we have been welcomed by glorious weather and sorely missed friends!  

Our new house feels "right"- its always hard to know for sure when you are choosing from a computer screen!  Some of the rooms were smaller then we realised and its meant a bit of a shuffle with the furniture but a week later we are completely unpacked and settling in nicely.  

And I am definitely feeling inspired by the singing in my heart and the onset of summer (Townsville doesn't exactly "do"spring!)  that combined with the arrival of my new sewing machine and a charm pack I added on impulse to a fabric order resulted in this beautiful dress for Little Miss E.


I can definitely see patchwork becoming a feature of her wardrobe this season and also making an appearance in the Or Elsie! line up too.  Speaking of which I am hoping to reveal a bit of a new direction in the coming weeks...  when I get it finalised I promise I will share it here :) 

In the meantime there is another one of these dresses on my cutting table and if the combination I am playing with works you will see it in the upcoming Sewing Sisterhood spring showcase.

Stay tuned - hopefully I won't be leaving it so long between posts this time!