Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hello? Is anyone out there...

Calling occupants of interplantary craft...

I've probably got the lyrics wrong but can anyone name this song?

Just popping in so I can say I've blogged again!

I have so much going on with Puppy Dogs Tails and Or Elsie!  and getting the momentum happening again here is something I want to do as part of that and tonight I'm in a bit of a silly mood, hence the song reference!

I'm excited because I've finally got a pants pattern happening that I am happy with (two pairs went in the bin and one in Master Q's wadrobe) I got a few pairs made up and posted some previews on FB and they seem to be getting a pretty good response - which is a nice change from having a few of friends "pity" like the pics I post.   (Thanks for the support though guys!)

And also some great comments from some people I admire on a dress I previewed on the Or Elsie! fb page (sorry to lazy to add the links and besides I know the few of you that will read this will also know where to find them!)

Anyway I still have my 10pm bedtime (there is a post about that back in October I think!) and its 5 mintues from now so I will leaving you, maybe or maybe not singing the song whoses lyrics I may or may not have gotten right at the beginning of this post! 


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  1. lol, no idea about the song but like that there's a post up ;)