Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another random rambling...

Ok so I've accepted the inevitable - that I will be a sporadic blogger!  I will not beat myself up for not blogging regularly instead I will just pop up in your lives as the occasional sweet surprise!  The comments on my last post have reassured me that this is ok!  

And so here I am tonight posting again (I can hear you all cheering with excitement - kinda a bit like that ad "Becky's not drinking tonight" but with "Holly's blogging tonight" instead.

So why am I in front of this machine and not my sewing machine?  Believe it or not I've been in front of this one for most of the day.  Well no, not really we went to playgroup this morning and then I finally got Master Q's hoodie cut out this afternoon but other then that I've been on here getting things caught up,  sending emails and paying bills, trying to get my FB pages looking ok with the new timeline, you know all that fun stuff.

Now I'm still here and playing the numbers game, 

I'm trying out a few new things in my attempts to promote my products (or whore myself out as I fondly refer to the process),   One of which is an Etsy shop for Puppy Dogs Tails into which I've loaded my left over summer stock with the hope of selling it off somewhere where its moving into summer and not out of it.  The good (or bad depending on your viewpoint) thing about an Etsy shop is the shop stats option which allows you to see how many views your shop and listings have had,  needless to say I have now started relentlessly stalking that page (and adjusting the time frames to make the numbers look prettier lol) 

I also managed to get a few last minute items into a WAHM market night on the Crafty Mumma's  Facebook page and I am hoping that will help get a few more likers over to my pages - so now I am also stalking those numbers as well!  

I just went back and looked at where I was in October when I posted about said numbers and I've gained a few in the few months since.

As of tonight Puppy Dogs Tails is sitting at 844 (up from 648) and Or Elsie! has climbed to a staggering 233 from 96.  Not sure if I have any more 12 blog followers though....  And yes I know that its not the quantity that counts but the quality - better to have 100 fans who will buy what you are selling then 1000 who are only there to look.  

I'm also looking into other ways to get my name out there - I've spend a block of time emailing magazines with request to be added to their call out lists, I've finally bitten the bullet and admitted that I don't have the time it will take to do my website myself and have found someone to do them for me (more on these very soon as hopefully they will be up and running by the end of the month) I've worked out a clearer direction for PDT and intend to spend the next few weeks getting samples made and photographed and then once that's done I will more onto sorting out Or Elsie!

That's the plan anyway!

And now I'm off to stalk my numbers just one more time before bed x

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