Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yes! Yes! Yes!

A friend of mine posted this to her wall earlier today and it struck a chord with me and I knew that I wanted to steal it for my blog (don't worry I did ask first! )
This is one of the things I have been trying to encapsulate in my year map but until I saw this I just couldn't find the words,  That is why I am scheduling family time, not only in regards to activities during the day but also in my sewing time.  Little N had spied some fabric months ago that he wanted made into shorts and I finally got around to making them the other night.  His response in the morning when he put them on - "thanks mum, these are so cool I am never taking them off"  luckily he tends to over exaggerate such things and I have managed to wash them!

But it made me realise I really need to prioritise such things.  Generally I only sew for my own kids when I am testing something out and I rarely sew for myself (I have shirt I began making for myself months ago sitting here just waiting for the last sleeve and buttonholes) So I am adding another goal - to make something for one of us each week.  This week will be another pair of shorts for Little N - he had again got the fabric all picked out and I figure that very soon he won't be wanting to wear anything Mum had made! 

Next week I'm hoping to finish my shirt and also make myself a dress.  After that maybe a pin cushion or two, or any of a zillion other things I just couldn't seem to make time for last year.

But its past pumpkin hour hour here now so for now its off to bed that this Cinderella is heading.  

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  1. I was my priority today. Indi had her first day of day care and lasted the full 8 hours no problems. I went to the shops and then spent the day making birthday invites with NO INTERRUPTION. It was wonderful. I hope you get to say yes to yourself often ;)