Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Model Child.

This morning I took photos of the shorts I had made recently for Puppy Dogs Tails so that I can get them loaded to the store over at Oz Handmade and can I say it was a much easier process then my previous attempts to stage a photo shoot.  I can put this down to one simple reason - "Daniel"

That is the name Little N has given to our new flexi kid (for some reason he likes the fact it rhymes with his own name).  Daniel is definitely a model child.  He happily let me change his clothes several times and then posed happily for shot after shot after shot.  No more getting an item adjusted perfectly only to have the model run off just as I am about to snap.  No more bribing with chocolate, ice-cream, a DVD, whatever it takes to get you to stand there for 30 seconds!

If the truth be told I got bored before he did and when Little N told me he "really liked the robots" on the last hoodie I had to photograph I asked him if he wanted it just to save me having to photograph it (he did so I didn't - a win win situation in my book!)

And I'm almost done editing the pictures ready to upload and for once I'm not putting items aside to rephotograph.  Of course I will still attempt to get a few action shots of the boys in their shorts but this is what you can expect to see

Much better then this 

Another great thing about Daniel - he has no problems wearing dresses if the need arises and quite willing showed off the dress I made for a friend's little girl out of a vintage Holly Hobbie sheet - a creation you can read about and see here on the Oz Handmade Blog

I am already planning what I want to make next just to dress him in it but for now I need to go and make cake as there is little boy turning two here tomorrow.


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  1. I love the shorts ... there gorgeous. Great job. Love the reverseable idea.