Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm on my way...

... to getting fit, to getting organised, to getting things happening!


So far this year I have been on 3 walks (2 on the same day) and then yesterday I rode my bike to a friend's house to feed her dogs as she is away.  I also bought a component cable so we can hook the Wii back up.  Its been a while since we used it as our new TV only has 1 of the yellow,/red/white AVI options and as we only have the old school Austar it got the box  (I did hear a rumour we can now get MyStar in our area which means HDMI cables baby!)

I also downloaded a fitness app - MyFitnessPal - on to my iPhone and iPad (hoping the "cloud" will sync them so that I can just use which ever device is handiest (aka not been commandeered by a child) as one of the first pre-preseason tasks for the 12WBT is a food diary.  And here I have a confession to make, every other time I have attempted to do one of these I end up lieing.  I "forget" to write the sweets and treats down, and sometimes thats a lot of forgetting!  Why I don't know, its like ignoring the piece of cake I ate means it won't make a reappearence on my thighs!  Again I am putting this out there in the hope that public accountability will make it happen. 

As part of getting organised I am also decluttering - the lovely Shan from Missy Melly is doing a "40 bags in 40 days" challenge and she has motivated me to really do a cull of the kids clothes.  We bought some wire basket drawers for the boys' wardrobe and I have been sorting through as I put it away.  I just need to make labels now so they (and Big N) know what goes in each drawer.  I am also thinking I will clean out the hall cupboard once I am done on the clothes....


I am also attempting to get things moving business wise.  I am getting stock made (8 pairs of shorts for Puppy Dogs Tails to finish this morning),  working on my photos and evaluating how to best get my name out there.  Big N bought my a flexi-kid yesterday (did I mention how much I love my husband) to hopefully make the photo taking process easier

he also solved my problem of how to photograph the swim nappies so they didn't just look like a crumpled bit of fabric with his suggestion of using a skirt hanger (yes he really is a keeper this bloke of mine!)

I also played around with the shots of Master Q modelling one

That "photo shoot" was a fun experience, I also had Little Miss E in a smaller size as I wanted to be able to show the difference but there was no way she wanted to cooperate and I didn't get a single usable shot of her highness (if only she was old enough to bribe with chocolate).  Little N also insisted on been in the pictures and I did manage to convince him to wear his new PDTs but overall it was a very time consuming process with little end result (hence the flexi kid).

Hopefully he arrives early next week and fingers crossed I will have some great pics to share when he does.

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  1. Love the swimmer nappies, and your goals look achievable. I wish you luck with all of them!