Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Ok so the results are in:

And the winner is Orange - which was Big N's choice.  In my own defence I will say that he originally had picked a paler browner shade of orange for the contrast and I replaced it with the brighter shade.  As always though once I start sewing a combination he has selected I see that he is right!  Also I tend to steer towards less exciting fabrics for the first run of a pattern so that it goes belly up then I'm not so upset by the waste of material.

And now for the part you are all probably most interested in... drum roll please

Comment #5 was made by Selina who voted pink!  Off to email you now Selina to organise delivery.  

If anyone would like to order one of these sets feel free to shoot me an email!  There are several fabric choices now on the facebook page! 

Happy Monday!  And thanks to all who voted!  

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