Sunday, November 6, 2011

Picture my week!

Its been too long since I last posted but things have been a little crazy even for us!  Yes I've had Big N at home but I think I expect I shuold be able to do more when I have help with the kids which I think then means I acheive less  We also had visitors staying in the form of one of my dearest friends and her brother who were making the drive from the tropics to the apple isle.  (I just want to add she is the type of visitor you want - not only did she make her very delicious lasange for dinner one night but also stocked our freezer with it)

The rest of my week looked a little something like this:

  1. My brave Master Q after surgery to remove a damaged tooth. Think he was more  upset by the fasting beforehand.  How do you explain to a 22 month old he can't eat for 6 hours!
  2. What I've been watching while I sew.  A friend recently gave me 6 seasons of it and I have it running on the laptop next to my machine while I am sewing.  
  3. Yes I know its a "kids" book but the last one in the series gets released on Saturday and so I re-reading the first 3 to refresh my memory.
  4. Roasts in the Weber - Big N's speciality.  
  5. What I've been making and in  Christmas versions as well.  There has been a decent amount of interest in these over at Puppy Dogs Tails and they are keeping me busy!
  6. What our fuel gauge looked like last Sunday when we went on a drive to the middle of no-where.  We were probably running on fumes by the time we found a servo!
  7. Our make-shift double pram.  We do have the real double version of this but Big N over inflated the tyres and they exploded.  Hoping the replacements arrive this week!

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