Friday, November 18, 2011

Bad Maths!

Just as well its not Blogtober any more or I would have well and truly failed!  My blogging efforts are going as well as my exercise program and both are failing dismally for the same reason.  Yet again I'm flying solo, once again Big N's job has dragged him away and I am left holding the fort.  And if 3 kids and 2 parents is bad maths, 3 kids and 1 parent is even worse. 

I'm not complaining, I gave that up a long time ago and am now resigned to that fact that this will be a regular occurance in our lives and as always we adapt.  For a while I was happy in what I referred to as my "holding pattern", circling until the day the planets would align and I would be able to live my life.  But then I realised that if I wasn't proactive about making today that day then I would continue putting things in the too-hard basket and acheive nothing.  But I also know I have to make compromises, that with 3 small children I am not going to be able to acheive everything I want to - in fact as I'm sure all mothers know some days even managing to drink a cuppa while its still warm is a major acheivement.

Take this post for example - I started writing it 9 hours ago - and now its morning and I have just finished the previous paragraph.  All because my children decided not to go to bed.  They have a game of "sleep tag' that they love to play.  Basically it means they "tag" each other for turns at sleeping and I think the main aim of the game is to ensure I get minimal sleep.  And regardless of what time they go to bed that are up by 5:30 the next morning.  I wonder if they will still be yearly risers in the years to come when they have to get up for school!

But now I can't actually remember what the original point of this post was.  But while my children are entertaining themselves I am going to attempt that holy grail of a hot cup of tea.    Happy Friday!

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  1. My hubby says don't think that you wont achieve everything you want to, just change the time frame that you planned to achieve them in. Not bad advice I reckon. (He's 38 and going to uni so is doing exactly that) x