Monday, October 10, 2011

With a little help from my friends....

This popped up today on my Facebook feed...

I generally don't pay to much attention to these kinds of things but this one got me thinking.

I remember a teacher saying to me that as an adult you are really lucky if you have a true friend for each of the fingers on your hands.  At the time I didn't really understand what he was talking about but over a decade has passed since then and I know realise what he was saying.

I also know that I am lucky, I have some wonderful friends who I know will be there for me whenever and however I need them.  In fact one of them ended up at the "business end" when Master Q was born, while another was beside me holding my hand.   Big N couldn't be there and they stepped up with no hesitation. 

I have friends who I may not see or even speak to for months on end but I know that when we next catch up there will be no awkwardness, that our conversation will pick up as though we had last spoken only hours earlier. 

I have friends I see regularly, who don't wait to be asked what they want to drink but put the kettle on themselves and make us both a cuppa, who help
hang the washing and think nothing of running the vaccum over the rug before they leave, or giving my kids a hug or a scolding depending on what the situation requires.

I have friends who I have never met - women who i have connected with online and who I am desperate to meet in real life and intend to very soon.

I have relocated 3 times in my life now - once as a child, once as a young single woman and once as a married mother with another on the way.  Each time I left friends behind and each time I made new ones.  I may not have the same shared history with the people I only meet this year as I have with those who I shared history lessons with but that does not make them less of a friend.   I believe that in the same way a blank canvas holds so many possibilities for an artist so too does a new friend.  There is a whole new chance to create a shared history and connections and each friend you make adds something to the person you are.

And I am already beginning to wonder what friends I shall meet through this blog - the people who will find me and the people I shall find as already I am seeing connections, finding similarities and seeing my own quirks reflected in the words of others and it excites me.  

Another saying I like is that there is no such thing as strangers - only friends you haven't met yet.  So friends shall we meet? 


  1. I really enjoyed this post. The older one gets the more they realise the true definition of 'friendship' (not that I'm calling you old or anything ;) )

  2. very good for me to read this. I have moved many times as a military wife and it is very difficult to keep giving your heart out knowing you might leave soon. But we must right? Coming over from blogtoberfest.