Friday, October 21, 2011

Riding the creative mojo wave!

Whoops! I have definitely failed in my Blogtoberfest journey - it's now 3 days since I last posted! However I have been busy busy busy and come next week I will share the photos to prove it (and just quietly think what I've been making is just a bit cute!)

Why the wait? Two reasons - 1. The simple fact I didn't have time to photograph it all properly yet and 2. Remember my to-do list and the presents I had to make, well some of it means I can tick that box and I would like it to be a surprise so on the off-chance the recipient reads this blog I'm keeping it under wraps till it's been delivered!

Yesterday I also started photographing my stash. 75 pictures later I think I may be about half way through....

I've also got a list of ideas about all kinds of things, from keeping a better track of the contents of aforementioned stash through to some products I want to try, and a whole swag of possible promotional tools for an online business run by a friend of mine. Not sure where this kick in the creative juices came from but I'm rolling with it!

And so I shall leave you now as I'm going to take my yarn and hook and sit on the verandah of my Sydney hotel watch the nightlife go rolling past. It's only early I know but from the sounds drifting in a few people may have started their Friday night at lunchtime!

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