Sunday, October 2, 2011

Random Rambles - Blogtoberfest Day 2!

So I've just been pimping myself out in an effort to drum up interest in this little venture.  Much as I hate shouting myself out I've spammed up my own FB wall and now I'm just waiting to see what it does to the numbers - with any luck I'll crack 100 fans this month :P  I think the reason I feel so dirty is because I was doubling up and trying to promote the board shorts and skorts I'm sewing up for Puppy Dogs Tails

Got a few done today and have more cut out so hoping to have enough to stock a "shop" soon but putting them on the back burner tonight make some ruffley shorts for a lovely lady whose order grows each week.  Started with a Superhero cape , shorts and monkey set for her son (which reminds me I must take photos of this!), added a iPhone pouch for herself and just so her Little Miss doesn't miss out, now the shorts.  I need to get in the post before it ends up needing a shipping container!

On a totally different topic I got an email about a comment left on an earlier post - but the comment hasn't actually appeared.  It was a lovely comment and I am off to stalk the author on her blog

And still on the topic of stalking blogs the Blogtoberfest list is alread at 180 - at a rough guesstimate thats about 5 blogs a day to explore if i want to get through the whole list and thats only if it doesn't get any bigger.    So guess I better stop writing and get reading...

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. lol, that was me wasn't it? Do you know which one didn't appear?- I'm happy to write it again ;) x

  2. Yes Kate it was you - I can tell you exactly what you wrote because I saved the email :P

    "Lol, I actually laughed out loud at your last comment about your current limited readership.... I know how you feel. I'm fairly new to the whole blog thing too but feel free to pop over and visit me at
    I'll read yours if you read mine ;) Keep at it, people will discover you soon I'm sure! x Kate"

    And I've been over and read yours - I'm an NZ import too and also a trained teacher :P

  3. see, I knew I liked you as soon as I started reading - you're 'home grown'! ;)

  4. Your little shorts and skorts look great, I so wish I could sew that well, looking forward to seeing more of your creations.