Saturday, October 8, 2011

One of those days!

Yes I missed a day but yesterday was just one of those days.  

You know the ones,  where nothing goes right and the best idea would just be to get back into bed and ride it out by taking refuge under your doona.  Of course when there are kids in the equation that just doesn't happen.

Considering  had been up since the wrong side of 5 am after a night of very broken sleep all in all it was going ok and we were right on track for an early night (especailly as Little N was so tired he took a cat nap on the couch and then was asking for dinner so he could go to bed). Just after 5:30 I had 2 boys in bed and a tidy(ish) house. My plan was to feed Little Miss E and get her settled then sort out the present for a birthday party this morning before tucking mtself in for an early night as well.  However by 6:30 I had 2 boys not in bed, overtired and very hyperactively feeding of each other's sillyness.  There were weetbix crumbs all over the couch and family room floor after Master Q decided he would help himself to a snack.

I was tired, I didn't have the energy to get cross, all I could do was cry.  And then out of desperation I rang Big N who is working crazy hours at the moment which means we barely see him.  Luckily he answered and luckily he could get home.  In the time it took me to make and drink a cup of tea he had the kids in bed (and asleep) and the house turned back to rights. And then like a fairy godmother he was gone again.

So if I was to write a gratitude post for this week then it would be on for Big N, my knight in shining armor.  Once again he saved the day.



  1. Oh Holly I hear you! Some days I can't believe how hard running a business and raising a child can be (and I only have one bub!). My hubby is studying for a dual degree in engineering and business so does 40hrs there and then when he is home has to work in HIS business. I hate having no time together. And with little Miss teething at the moment so days are worse than others.
    Just remember, 'the hard road gets easier and the easy road gets harder' so Im thankful for our trials now cause it means we are constructing our lives for a wonderful future! x

  2. Oh that day! I think it must get dealt out to us all one after the other, until it comes back round. I think we all know it painfully well. So sad it was your turn yesterday... but glad Big N was there to rescue you.