Monday, October 17, 2011

Nearly Bedtime!

Yes I am an adult but yes I still have a bedtime.  I make myself go to bed no later then 9:30 with lights out at 10.  If  I don't then I am up half the night finishing things off that just didn't happen during the day and then by the time I do hit the pillow its usually the start of the night shift for my children (and Little Miss E has suddenly decided she now needs to feed at night).   And go-time in this house is between 5 and 5:30 - regardless of what time I go to bed that is when my kids insist I get out of bed!

So although I have my sew-jo on and really want to put together the pieces I just cut out I know I need to leave them and go and tuck myself in for the night.  But with any luck tomorrow night I will have something to show of to you!  

Sweet dreams!


  1. Wish I could say that I go to bed early ..... I think you are smart to make a bed time. I work tonight and get to go to bed about 11pm and sometimes I just cannot sleep. Same tomorrow night. Have a great sleep.