Monday, October 31, 2011

Its moments like these...

Yes I failed, failed dismally in my Blogtoberfest aspirations.  I blame my life for getting in the way.  But never fear I am not upset by failure and so I shall carry on, posting when I can.  

I have actually been trying to get some time to post over the past few days as I wanted to share a story,  I'm not even sure why I have been thinking about or even if the retelling will do it justice but I shall try.

It involves a mobile phone of the early 90s analouge kind that you basically needed a wheelbarrow to move, something like this...
a bum bag (or fanny-pack as I like to call them) and a shopping trip to the old Paddy's Markets in Brisbane.  

If my memory is correct it was 1994 and we were shopping for fabric for my sister's formal dress because in those days housed at the top of Paddy's Markets was a floor devoted to fabric. I was with my sister, my mother and one of her friends and we had Dad's mobile phone (see picture above) .  As it was a brick, heavy and cumbersone,  my mother had in her infinite wisdom decided to clip it to the strap of her bum bag (don't get me started on how she even thought a bum bag was a good idea!).

Everything was fine until the phone rang and she went to unclip it only to discover it was caught.  I leaned down to answer it for her but as I did she moved.  I could hear my father but everytime I got close to answer him she would move again.  So picture this a woman turning in circles while her daughter follows her bent over, with her head about the bum reigon, shouting.  Because thats basically what we were doing.  I was trying to tell Dad that we would call him back while also trying to get her to stay still.
Believe me it was funny - a pure mintie moment.  Not sure if I've managed to quite capture the absurdity of the moment but even now 17 years later the memory still makes me laugh. 

I think everyone needs moments of pure comedy in their lives so I hope you too have a moment or moments like these, that you remember with a smile even if in trying to explain it something is lost.
And on that note I shall leave you till the morning when I will be back to say winner winner chicken dinner!

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  1. Thanks for sharing that story, I think it's funny. I was involved in communications when these phones came into use and I kept on thinking that they should have provided money for repair to pockets that got ripped by people putting them in their pockets. Oh well, probably doesn't sound that funny .... my how times have changed and how much smaller are mobile phones.