Sunday, October 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Yes I know I was only away for 2 nights but when you have 3 kids and no husband in tow 2 nights can feel like a life time! 

For a moment there I didn't think we would make it home - Sydney's labyrinth of one way streets and my GPS (or "talking map" as Little N calls it) seemed determined to keep me from leaving the habour city.  It may have taken almost 45 minutes and several wrong turns but eventually I found an entry to the highway and we were on our way! I'm not sure exactly what I was saying while I was driving in circles but Little N at one stage piped up "you can do it mum, you can find our way home!"  Nice to know he had faith in me even when I didn't!

Obviously I did find our way home - home to a house that was tidier then it had been in a while and a leg of lamb roasting in the webber, all courtesy of Big N. 

Its strange how driving all day can make you so tired so for now I am off to bed - but tomorrow I will be back, with pictures to share!

Night xx




  1. Aren't kids awesome ... that's some cheering squad that you have there. I've only been to Sydney a couple of times, but never driven there. Believe me I have no desire to do so and think if I did I would get horrendously lost and overwhelmed, so your better than I am.

  2. Thanks Lotti. I learnt to drive in Brisbane so the whole crazy traffic thing isn't new but its been 10 years since I lived in a city and I think my kids saw more traffc in the first 10 minutes of hitting city limits then they see in a month normally so it was a bit nerve wracking.

    And yes - kids are awesome :P

  3. lol, we got lost in Sydney. It was New Years eve and we were running out of petrol...pulled into a servo and then heard fireworks. Yep, new years eve midnight celebrations from a servo. About as romantic as it sounds!