Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bring on "Blogtoberfest"

Apparently its been well over two weeks since I last posted....   I say apparently because I am not sure where that time went. 

I must admit looking back we have been busy  - I took my kids on a 5 hour drive to Dubbo to meet up with friends and visit the Western Plains Zoo.   The Zoo is fantastic but the pre-summer heatwave that had been teasing us for a few weeks decided to hit with a vengance and we were totally unprepared for it.  By the third stop Little N was refusing to get out to the airconditioned car and Master Q and Little Miss E were asleep in their seats.  I am thinking we will go back next year when Big N can come too and take our bikes and ride around instead of driving!  Our friends followed us home from Dubbo and have been staying this past week which of course has made us busier then usual - as has the addition of Winston to our family.

Winston is a minature schnauzer puppy with a name taken from the list of suggested name in Mutt Dog  Little N's favourite book.  We tried to explain she was a girl puppy be he was determined that Winston would be the name of "his" dog.  We can't fault the level of responsibility that he has shown towards her and the name has already grown on me so it looks like Winston is her name!

We also celebrated Little N's 4th birthday.  Again I am not sure where that time went, but it must have gone somewhere as I picked up another 2 babies along the way :P   Anyway as it was a birthday there had to be cake and this year my little monkey wanted Curious George

Anyway the point I was initally trying to make when I started was that yes I have been slack with posting but that that is all about to (hopefully) change - I have just signed up as participant #32 in Blogtoberfest which basically means I have now made a commitment to be here in all my blogging glory every day for the month of October.  I've also got a bit of a competition up my sleeve and at this rate with my current limited readership odds are pretty good for winning :P

With any luck you'll still be here come November and there will be a few more people keeping your good compnay!

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  1. Lol, I actually laughed out loud at your last comment about your current limited readership.... I know how you feel. I'm fairly new to the whole blog thing too but feel free to pop over and visit me at
    I'll read yours if you read mine ;) Keep at it, people will discover you soon I'm sure! x Kate