Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A boring post - Blogtoberfest day 3

So I've had a few ideas for posts chasing each other around my head today but I had a very cheeky monkey who just would not go to bed tonight. I think that he just wanted some mummy and Q time and was happy "helping" me. As a result I decided to skip the lists of things waiting to be done on the computer (photo editing, invoices, emails, blog post) and ignore the sewing piled next to the machine and we snuggled on the couch with knitting instead. He finally fell asleep and has been transferred into his own bed now but I've also transferred myself to my bed and my posting abilities with the iPad are somewhat visually impaired - but I will make up for it tomorrow with some very pretty pictures I promise!

But before I tuck myself in I will say I'm still deciding if I like daylight savings or hate it. We caught the end of it when we moved but this is the first time we've really experienced it, am loving the "sleep-ins" but think I need to just ignore what the clocks say and just keep doing things at the same "time" ... And that means bedtime!

Nighty nighty!

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