Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Boardie Blowout!

So I just attempted a "Boardie Bonaza" on the Puppy Dogs Tails page but it appears it was more a boardie blow out!  Guess its just as well I got distracted by a visitor and didn't spend the grocery money on a designer dress for Little Miss E in a charity auction (I was seriously considering it even though the reality would be that I would never actually let her wear it).  Luckily for me (and my bank balance) I had a friend call in about the time the auction finished and by the time I made it back to the computer they had closed the bids.

Hopefully there was just too much going on in the FB world tonight and my little sale got overlooked.  I have found though that while people say they want handmade for boys they don't actually want to buy it.  And I am trying to keep positive about the total rejection of what I thought would be a hit but telling myself I can now get my store set up on Oz Handmade as I actually have stock! 

And its really not as bad as it seems,  I had four pre-orders online and one locally from the inital photo I posted.  And the new Facebook means a lot of things get missed and I only decided 3 days ago to have it so didn't really get much of a chance to promote it.  Don't you love how I can justify things - stick around long enough and you will learn all about my "price per wear" and
do I xx hours of wear love it?"  economic theories. 

But they really are stories for another day as I really need to tuck myself in and get some sleep as its one of those rare moments when all 3 of my little ones are asleep at the same time but guaranteed they will start tag teaming each other to ensure I don't get much sleep of my own soon enough.


  1. Argh that sux! I don't have any little lads in my life so can't help you out there :( Hopefully the disappointment didn't stick around for long cause I've seen your work, it will sell!

  2. Thanks Kate! I'm taking a glass half full approach now - plenty of market stock!