Monday, October 24, 2011

Action Plans were ahoy but now sunk!

So last Sunday I posted a list that looked a little like this...

... the interest of public accountability this week I will:
  • finish the shirt I started making for myself a month ago
  • finish and post the presents for P, T & N
  • email iPad cover design to K
  • get my bookwork up to date
  • begin tiding up the long neglected Puppy Dogs Tails website
  • make Christmas stockings for my children
so how did I go?


well I got two of the three presents made, they are just waiting for me to sew on the buttons which is what I am doing as soon as I am done here,  my book keeping is a bit more organised then it was and I have been thinking about the other things (Kate I need to test something first to make sure it works because if it does what I think it will do then your cover is going to be FANTASTIC!)  

I did however start the mammoth task of creating photo albums of my stash and adding them to my Facebook page.  Already 75 photos added and I'm not sure how many more to come...  I'm actually not sure I want to know how many more (or maybe that I want Big N to know....)

I also have reclaimed my sewjo and am excited about the things I have to make and the fabrics I have to work with.  So I am stepping away from the computer now.

Whatever your week holds I hope that there is happiness within it.



  1. cool, like I said no rush, I know you will get to it when you can (Im still excited though!) Im off to NZ tomorrow for a week (taking the little one home to the 'Motherland'!) so Im not going to be around for a while. Oh, and loving some of those fabrics. Can't wait to see the creations over the next few months :) x

  2. It's great that you're excited about it all. :) you'll get thing done eventually. No worries. :)