Saturday, September 3, 2011

Right now...

I am
feeling cold – where did the sun go today?
thinking I should probably have a shower & get dressed soon
hearing my boys “negotiating” with their dad
loving my crazy family
wondering if I can find the energy to get up and make myself a fresh cup of tea
appreciating Shan from missy melly letting me steal ideas from her blog ;P
drinking the dregs of a cold cup of tea
laughing at the fact my almost-4 year old just put the security code into my iPhone so he could play a game (the whole point of the code was to stop him playing with it)
knowing I am very lucky to have 3 beautiful children
wanting a fresh cuppa of tea (yes I love tea!)
believing I am going to get through my to-do list today!
wearing my pjs & ugg boots

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