Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Its just like riding a bike....

I was never what you would call an overly confident bike rider although I did attempt to utilise it as my main mode of transportation for a very short time in my younger days for me my two hands always stayed clamped to the handlebars as I enviously watched others speed by sitting up right, hands in the air.  However, for reasons long forgotten I soon abandoned my two wheeler in favour of my two feet.  

But just this week I became the proud owner of this little beauty

And this afternoon I finally got to take her out for a spin.  Believe it or not, as the old adage goes riding a bike really is just like riding a bike - you really don't forget!  It was only a quick trip around the block but it was certainly long enough for my legs.

So now you are probably wondering "why?"  I blame Big N - who was after a new bike for himself for Fathers Day, along with a trailer for the kids, with the grand plan that once Little Miss E is big enough we can all go on family bike rides.  Great in theory but in practice we would all need bikes.  So a trip to the bike shop for one men's bike saw us coming home with his bike, my bike, a trailer for the kids and a very niffy thing called a trail-a-bike


with the grand plan for Little N to have graduated from the trailer to this by the time Miss E is ready for the trailer.  Which gives me a few months to get my own bicycle skills up to scratch before I have to start towing a child.   

Right - guess I best get on my bike then...

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