Friday, September 9, 2011

A tribute to my virtual sisters...

I read this on a friend's Facebook status....

Someone asked me how I can love Friends who I've never seen!
I said.... I have never seen the wind, but I can feel it,
I have never hugged you but I feel your love,
I have never meet you but I always have your support!
Knowing you are there for me as I am here for you!
That's why I love you without seeing you!
Hugs & Kisses to my "Friends" on facebook! xoxoxo

and it certainly rang true for me.

A bit less then a year ago I was invited to join a Facebook group for crafters by a friend of mine who was a bit of a Facebook junkie, playing every game going, accepting friend requests from all and sundry, joining groups left right and centre, updating her status with minute details.  So I left the invite sitting there for a while and then finally I joined just to see what it was all about.

Little did I know then that that was a life-shifting decision.  In the time I have been a member of the group in questions I have learnt so much, bought so much and made some great friends.

The only pre-requisite for joining the group initally was a love of craft but the group has become much more then a virtual stitch and bitch.  With the encouragement and support and from been able to tap into such a varied knowledge base my sewing has come forth in leaps and bounds,  I am now familiar with designers and stockists I have never heard of, I can make my own bias binding, I discovered a whole other collection of feet for my sewing machine!  Who needs google when you have a group like this and between us we will have a go at solving any problem put forth,  we shop for each with things (fabric usually) been sent from one member to another, we remind each other to take care of ourselves, we support each other and importantly we inspire each other. 

Thats not to say its all roses all of the time in our little corner of Facebook, there have been falling outs, there are personality differences and there are disagreements of opinion.  But there is also a connection which began with a love of craft but grew to something more  and we have created our own little "family" of sewing sisters.  Together we have woven a net of love and support that stretched across the country along the virtual highway.

You can find out more about these wonderful woman and what they create by visiting The Sewing Sisterhood blog.  Hopefully you will find something there to inspire you for these woman are truly an inspiration to me. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Its just like riding a bike....

I was never what you would call an overly confident bike rider although I did attempt to utilise it as my main mode of transportation for a very short time in my younger days for me my two hands always stayed clamped to the handlebars as I enviously watched others speed by sitting up right, hands in the air.  However, for reasons long forgotten I soon abandoned my two wheeler in favour of my two feet.  

But just this week I became the proud owner of this little beauty

And this afternoon I finally got to take her out for a spin.  Believe it or not, as the old adage goes riding a bike really is just like riding a bike - you really don't forget!  It was only a quick trip around the block but it was certainly long enough for my legs.

So now you are probably wondering "why?"  I blame Big N - who was after a new bike for himself for Fathers Day, along with a trailer for the kids, with the grand plan that once Little Miss E is big enough we can all go on family bike rides.  Great in theory but in practice we would all need bikes.  So a trip to the bike shop for one men's bike saw us coming home with his bike, my bike, a trailer for the kids and a very niffy thing called a trail-a-bike


with the grand plan for Little N to have graduated from the trailer to this by the time Miss E is ready for the trailer.  Which gives me a few months to get my own bicycle skills up to scratch before I have to start towing a child.   

Right - guess I best get on my bike then...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Right now...

I am
feeling cold – where did the sun go today?
thinking I should probably have a shower & get dressed soon
hearing my boys “negotiating” with their dad
loving my crazy family
wondering if I can find the energy to get up and make myself a fresh cup of tea
appreciating Shan from missy melly letting me steal ideas from her blog ;P
drinking the dregs of a cold cup of tea
laughing at the fact my almost-4 year old just put the security code into my iPhone so he could play a game (the whole point of the code was to stop him playing with it)
knowing I am very lucky to have 3 beautiful children
wanting a fresh cuppa of tea (yes I love tea!)
believing I am going to get through my to-do list today!
wearing my pjs & ugg boots

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The greatest gift.

Without a doubt the greatest gift you can give someone is your time.  And recently I was given this gift by a complete stranger.

I agreed to help pretty up the Oz Handmade website for the wonderful Gill (who is probably my number one cheerleader and who certainly has more faith in my abilities then I do) and very promptly broke it,  reverting it back to a 2009 version.  And to add to the frustration the main administrator of the congo site was MIA as his wife was having a baby. 

Out of sheer desperation I used the contact form on Little Kiwi Nest as the page is hosted the same way.  The lovely Amy replied almost immediately, suggested we set up a chat window and gave up her own precious time to help me get the page back to some level of functionality.   Like me she is a crafty WAHM with 3 beautiful children and I know just how much needs to be fitted into a day so the fact she reached out her virtual hand to a stranger and kindly let me poach some of those precious hours touched my heart.  So Amy these are for you

and hopefully when I am next on your side of the Tasmain I can take you out for that dinner I promised.     

Wordless Wednesday {Our Elsie}

(playing along with missy melly)